Water Leaks under House

A Water leaks under the house can be a really headache. There are multiple consequences of a bad case of underground water leak. And most of them can eventually lead to bigger messes unless controlled and fixed in time. The leaked out water will dampen the ground around your house. Affect the lawn if you have one and damage your foundation. Excessive stagnation of this water will leave the upper surface water-logged and allow growth of organisms.

Reasons for a leaky water line

– Loose pipe connectors and broken seals are the most common reason of leak. When the joints of pipes come loose, water escapes through that gap, no matter how tiny, and over time dampen the place. This problem might take long to discover, but call a professional service as soon as you notice.

– Corrosion, if the pipes are old and aged. Constant flow of water over the years causes rust, over-sedimentation. And other corrosive agents, which eat away the pipes, leaving holes for the leak.

– Erratic water pressure and temperature can test the pipe to its ultimate strength and cause it to crack, break or burst open. Since you cannot do anything about the flow of water that comes from the municipality, call in the repairing service to lay down better and stronger pipes, preferably PVC or PEX.

– Interference by other entities like big trees or bushes with deep and intricate roots. Plant roots can be stubborn things, and they might cause cracks and breaks in your pipeline, intruding into your lawn.

Finding a solution locally

While all of these abovementioned problems can lead to high risk circumstances of water leak, none of them are unfixable. Entrust the job with your nearest reputed water service agency or plumbing personnel to fix the problem soon.

Getting Help is Easy