Water Leak Detection

One of the biggest  challenge facing  property owners is water damage. A broken appliance, a burst water pipe. And a water heater may force you to spend thousands of dollars in repairs. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology. Various water leak detection smart devices detect water leaks and notifying you to turn off the water to prevent a major catastrophe.

The following are the best water leak detections devices that you cannot lack in your home.

D-Link DCH-S160

This sensor can connect directly to your Wi-Fi router, and you are not required to link it to your smart hub t. In addition to that, the sensor has a 70-dB alarm, an extension cable, and a 1.65-foot sensor cable. For it to work, you will be required to plug in using the other components..

Samsung SmartThings water leak detector

If you are looking for a water leak detection device that is least expensive. Then you should consider purchasing a Samsung leak detector. It needs  a Samsung SmartThings Hub costing $99 to enable communication with your smartphone. The most significant advantage of this smart device is that you can link it with other smart home devices including alarms and lights.


Wally is one of the first smart home water leak detectors to add a gas and water shutoff valve to its line of products. The device uses various wireless sensors like water heater to detect any leaks on the pipes. Unlike other water leak detection devices, it does not monitor the water flow at the source. It can alert your smartphone and can automatically shut off the water. It also works with an IFTTT that you can use to connect it to other smart homes like Philips Hue and Nest.

With these smart water leak detections devices, you will save hundreds of gallons of water from flowing and most significantly use your money on other important things.

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