Water Heater Maintenance

A Water heaters are among the most needed, the most used and also the most reliable appliances of a household. Once you pick one that suits your purpose and use it rightly, they will be of service for years. However, every appliance needs to be maintained properly. When it comes to small, regular water heater maintenance work, you can do it yourself as well. All you will need is a bucket, some time and patience.

Easy ways to maintain water heater

– Turning down the temperature to some extent will ensure longevity of your water heater. Unless you live in freezing conditions, you will not need equally hot water every day throughout the year. In case of gas water heater, simply dialing down the temperature dial will do the trick. For electric heaters, the regulator panel on the thermostat will do. This way, you reduce the risk of scalding the heater and the pipes, and also save energy.

– Checking the temperature and pressure valve is suggested by all plumbing agencies, to make sure the device is working. This valve is quintessential for the functioning of the heater. You need to open the flap of the valve manually once in a while, let the hot water flow out into a bucket and let it snap back to see if it works. If this does not go smoothly, it is time to call in the professional.

– Doing a complete flushing of the heater and cleaning of the accumulated sediment and rust, might be too much of a task for you. Do not hesitate to entrust a professional person with these tasks.

Get professional help with water heater

If there is a lot of trouble with your water heater, you can always pick up the phone and take an appointment of your local plumbing agency. Trained professionals will come over and look after the problem that you are having.

Getting Help is Easy