Water Filtration

A Water filters are an important household device. Perhaps the most used one after your refrigerator. We have come a long way from the time when water filters. Only dealt with a half-baked filtration system which did not do much for health purposes. Nowadays there are many different types of water filtering systems. That can be seen in households as well as commercial places.

Different types of water filtration

– Activated carbon filters make sure that the water coming out. Of the faucet is devoid of any big chunks of debris or sediments that might contaminate the water. They also absorb large amounts of chlorine to keep the water from being smelly and bad tasting.

– Reverse Osmosis is the most common and favorite type of water filtering system at present. It removes all the dangerous particles present in the water and not just partially.

– Ionized water filters separate acidic and alkaline water into two streams using electrolysis method. The water is passed over electrically charged plates. One of the streams will be high in hydrogen ions. And is referred to as acidic water which people like to use for their skin and cleaning.  The other stream high is hydroxyl ions and is referred to as alkaline water. Which is good for drinking and cooking.

– Ultraviolet rays direct are harmful for humans, but they can be used for safety purposes when used to treat things. Water systems have the latest technology of UV radiation to treat regular water and kill the bacteria and germs instantly. It does not involve extra chemicals; neither does it strip off essential minerals from the water.

– Infrared filters are largely used in both domestic households and industries to soften hard water. It hits the negatively charged water to take away the harshness and bring a soft, more soluble feel to it.

Installing water filtration system

To install a water filtration system in your place. Be it home, office or business, you will require professional assistance. Sam Jolley works with water filters and can help advise you to the best device for your situation and get it installed without trouble.  Feel free to schedule an appointment or give us a call today!

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