Washing Machine Waste Pipes

Keeping the washing machine waste pipes in shape is important. Through this line the dirty water from the washer runs outside to the sewer. Without this pipe working properly, your machine will wash alright. But there will be problems with draining of the waste which in turn will affect the functioning of the washing machine.

If you are experiencing issues with the waste water draining, you might want to first check that the hole in the wall. Which the waste pipe goes through is the right size matching the diameter of the pipe. Too big of a hole will result in unwanted leaks, and too short will constrict the flow of water by crushing the pipe.

Different ways of securing washing machine waste pipes

– Compression waste pipes are fixed to the washing machine with nuts.  The pipe is cut and then the burrs are removed with abrasive paper. Some preferably sand paper and then it is pushed into the fixture of the machine as far as it goes. Once the pipe fits, the nuts have to be tightened around, thus compressing it with the washer and sealing it.

– Sometimes, the pipe can be sealed with a solvent cement in the place where it joins the washer. Solvent cement hardens immediately, causing the pipe to stay there perfectly.

– For the machines which come with a perfect push fit connector pipe, you do not have to do much. Simply cutting the pipe to size and inserting it will be enough.

Get professional help to install washing machine waste pipe

Not everyone is adept at the handiwork and knowledge of tool usage needed to cut, shape and polish the pipes as required. The job is best left to professionals who are trained at these kinds of plumbing work. Call the local plumbing agency and appoint an authorized person to come over and do the work for you.  Here at Sam Jolley we have professionals trained in installing waste pipes.  If you find yourself needing an installation- do not hesitate to give us a call or schedule an estimate with us.

Getting Help is Easy