Washing Machine Repair

A Washing machines are one of the most-used appliances in your household. Being used on average of 3 times a week with multiple loads per use. Between clothes, bedding and towels, they take a toll on your machine, leading to problems that need to be addressed. As soon as possible Call Sam Jolley Plumbing as soon as you notice a problem can save you hundreds of dollars as well as time.

Common Washing Machines

Top loading washers: Most often used in homes. Top loading washers are less expensive in both initial cost and repair cost. This style is most popular for the ability to easily load clothes, shorter cycles and a fool-proof control panel.

Front loading washers: This style of washer is gaining popularity in homes. Although they are more expensive than top loading washers, they excel in over-all performance with larger capacity per load, less water used per cycle as well as a faster spin speed, leaving clothes dryer at the end of the cycle. Front loading washers can be stacked, saving space in smaller homes. Front loading washers are also the most common in industrial spaces such as laundry mats and restaurants.

High-Efficiency washers: Although these are among the most expensive, HE washers have the highest load capacity, perfect for bulky loads such as comforters or rugs. They also use the least amount of water, filling only 1/2 way to leave room for the items to tumble. Whether front or top loading, they function the same as a front loading washer.

Common Problems With Washing Machines

Although washing machines are built to handle almost anything, after a while the wear and tear is bound to cause a problem. Among the most common problems are: leaking, won’t spin, won’t drain and shaking/wobbling. For washers with high-end technology, problems can arise with the control panel as well. Machines that won’t agitate, that have a slow filling time and that don’t fill up all the way are a few typical problems with top loading washers. It is important to get these problems fixed by a professional as soon as you notice, saving you money on your water bill as well as the headache you get when dirty laundry starts piling up.

Washing Machine Repairs Near You

If you notice a problem with your washing machine, don’t wait until it becomes a big one. Contact Sam Jolley Plumbing today for immediate assistance. We have 24-hour emergency plumbing services. In our almost 50 years of business, we have maintained, repaired, and replaced thousands of washing machines.

Washing Machine Repair Coast

Depending on the style of washing machine you have, the average cost to fix a common problem is around $150-$250. Top loading washers are usually the least expensive to fix, but depending on how old your unit is, it might be time to get a new washer altogether. Front loading and HE washers are more expensive to fix, but tend to have fewer problems overall.

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