Washing Machine Leaking

The washing machine is an appliance we use on a regular basis. It is among the most needed and most used devices of the household. And if it causes problems, doing your laundry becomes a lot tougher than usual. One of the common problems that occurs with washing machines is leaking. It not only wastes a whole lot of water, but it can make filling of the washer tub a long-drawn process. A leaking washer can also cause the ground near the washing machine to be flooded with water.

Common causes of washing machine leakage : Washing Machine Leaking Repair

– Defect in the hose pipe is the most common reason of washing machine leak. A loose fit where it meets the washing machine, where it meets the drain, or a hole in the body of the pipe can easily be the reason behind a continuous leak. This problem is easy to spot, and changing the pipe or fittings usually will solve the problem.

– Defective doors in case of front-load washing machines. A fault in the seal of the door means inevitable spillage of water. If you neglect this problem because you are not bothered about a little leak, you would be making a mistake. Constant pressure on an already faulty door will worsen the situation, and one day the door will give away making a mess in your house. Also any sitting water that you miss can get in places and cause mold to start forming.  Better stay safe than sorry – make the call to your plumber as soon as you discover the problem.

– Overloading is initially your mistake and not a problem with the machine. But if you keep doing it, soon the machine will start to show different signs of malfunctioning. Any plumbing agency will tell you strictly to never overload the washer, and do your laundry in batches if there is a large amount of laundry.

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