Underground Water Line

An Underground water line is quintessential to your everyday living. Through these pipe lines the water for your daily use reaches you. So obviously, for all the activities like bathing, cooking, washing and even drinking. The functioning of these pipes are very necessary. Thus, a problematic water service line can be an unfortunate. And often expensive surprise for any home owner or commercial building residents. To solve the issue, contact a reputed water service specialist or a plumber in your locality.

Ways to spot problematic underground water line: Underground Water Line Repair

– One of the main problems that underground water lines face is the much dreaded leak. To spot if your pipe has a leak somewhere. See if the areas under which the pipe runs seems to be damp and muddy of late continuously, without any rain or external watering.

– Lesser flow of water when you open faucets at home is a definite sign of something being wrong. Either the line has cracked somewhere between the main line and your house. Or there is too much deposits along the inner lining of the pipes to let the water gush in full form.

– If you hear a hissing noise in the pipe near where it is branching off from other lines and entering your house premise. It could be a leaky pipe, or worse, broken. The hissing noise indicates it has found a gap to escape from the pipe.

Types of underground water lines

– Copper pipes are the old-school ones

– Galvanized steel

– PVC pipes

– CPVC pipes

– PEX pipes

Repairing or replacing

When you still have a copper one, you need to replace it with something more resilient like PVC by a professional. And while that will cost you, it is better for the long run.

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