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Top Reasons Why You Should Schedule Annual Plumbing Maintenance

annual plumbing in Pompano Beach

It is normal for people to schedule maintenance on their cars, electrical systems, and heating and cooling systems, so why not schedule maintenance for your plumbing? When you schedule a professional annual plumbing maintenance appointment, you receive more than just a quick view of the outside of your plumbing. In fact, annual plumbing maintenance includes a full inspection of your entire system, including all fixtures, to ensure that your entire system is running in optimal shape.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons why you should schedule annual plumbing maintenance in your home.

What Is Serviced During an Annual Plumbing Maintenance Visit?

As previously mentioned, annual plumbing maintenance visits include more than just a surface check. A professional plumber will come out to your house and do an in-depth maintenance check, fixing any issues they notice on the spot.

By allowing a plumber to conduct an annual plumbing maintenance check, you ensure that you won’t have any surprise malfunctions throughout the year.

Annual plumbing maintenance services include:

  • All bathroom fixtures, including sinks, tubs, and showers – your professional plumber will check for leaks, drainage issues, cracks, corrosion, and any mineral build-up that may have occurred over the past year. If any issues are found, they will be corrected on the spot.
  • All toilets – toilets are known to waste a great deal of water, especially when their fittings are loose. During an annual maintenance appointment, all of your toilets will be checked for cracks, loose fittings, and any other additional issues. If there are any issues with the parts, or if your toilet is leaking, adjustments will be promptly made during the appointment.
  • Your water heater – water heaters often suffer from sediment build-up and functional issues. Your plumber will help you to get ahead of these problems by thoroughly inspecting your water heater. Any adjustments that are needed will be made during the appointment.
  • Check of main water and sewer lines – while your whole plumbing system is important, it will not function properly without the two main lines working: the waterline and the sewer/septic line. Keeping this in mind, your professional plumber will thoroughly inspect those lines. They will check for good performance, signs of clogging or corrosion, tree root infiltration, excess sludge, etc.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the services provided during an annual plumbing maintenance appointment.

Water Heaters

Every single day, you and your family utilize your water heater. Over time, the amount of work that your water heater does will take a toll on the overall unit. To make sure your unit is performing at it’s best, you should have your water heater drained, cleaned, and inspected at least once a year.

If your water heater has been compromised by silt or limescale, it will have to work into overdrive to provide the same amount of hot water as a fully functional hot water heater. Unfortunately, this wastes energy, adding unnecessary costs to your monthly bill. Additionally, this will add wear and tear to your unit, shortening your water heater’s overall lifespan and causing you to need a new hot water heater.

With that being said, solving even the most minuscule issues can add years to the lifespan of your water heater. If you would like to make your water heater lasts as long as possible, make sure to schedule annual plumbing maintenance.

Dripping Faucets

Do you have a leaky faucet? It is extremely common for people to have leaky faucets in their house that they ignore, in hopes that the issue is minor. While it may seem like the biggest inconvenience in regards to your leaky faucet is the noise it makes, this is farthest from the truth.

Leaky faucets can add up to 3,000 gallons of waster water per year, making your monthly water bill more expensive than it needs to be. To explain, 3,000 gallons of wasted water per year equals nearly $200 extra dollars of water usage. Additionally, if you suffer from multiple leaks, the damage will be significantly compounded, both environmentally and financially.

Instead of ignoring the dripping faucet, give our Pompano Beach plumbers a call to schedule an annual plumbing service to fix it!

Pipe Insulation

While it is rare to see freezing conditions in South Florida, it can happen. In fact, in 1993, it snowed in Florida! As a result, it’s always better to be safe, rather than sorry.

If you experience a cold winter, your piper could become comprised quickly. By providing insulation for pipes - inside and outside of your home - you will prevent them from bursting or cracking when they begin to thaw after a cold day. Even if freezing conditions occur for less than a day, the effects could still cause issues in your plumbing, and consequently, your wallet.

By scheduling an annual plumbing maintenance inspection, you will ensure that all plumbing is well-insulated and, therefore, safe from any potential freezes.

Sewage Lines

Dealing with sewage lines is not on anyone’s favorite to-do list. However, by scheduling proactive maintenance services, you can prevent serious issues from occurring. It is important to have all of your mainlines and drains inspected every year to ensure there are no problems.

While you may think that pouring various household drain cleaners into your pipes is a great way to ensure a smoothly running system, this is not always the case. Only licensed professionals will know when it’s appropriate to snake, hydro-jet, or employ a totally different method to unclog or clean your drainage lines. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to schedule annual plumbing maintenance services.

Enjoy Annual Plumbing Maintenance Services In Pompano Beach

If you would like to prevent your bathroom fixtures, toilets, water heater, and pipes from experiencing avoidable breaks and leaks, Sam Jolley’s Plumbing is the man for the job. By scheduling an annual plumbing maintenance service with us, you will ensure that all of your plumbing needs are met. Contact us today to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable plumber and schedule services.

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