Toilet Overflowing

A Toilet overflowing is a common but disturbing problem for all households. You will not find a person who has not faced this issue. But there is no version of this where it gets easier to deal with it. The overflowing is usually caused by a block in the drainage of the toilet. That prevents the water and waste from going down smoothly when flushed. As a result, the water rises in the bowl and overflows.

Common reasons for toilet overflowing

– Clogging of the drain pipe or trap

If there is a blockage in the drain pipe or the U-trap or S-trap of the toilet, overflowing is inevitable. It can be residue sediment of hard water. Excessive non-flushable substances like hair, plastic and tissues, as well as waste itself. This problem is often solved with a plunger. But if it gets serious, you will need to call in the plumber.

– Blocked sewer line

Your house sewer line connects your plumbing with the municipal line. But since all the pipes are connected with each other, a blockage in any one of them will eventually catch up with you and cause overflowing. In such a case, it is very hard for the owner to detect the clog and solve it themselves. Getting help from a professional plumber will not only hurry up the procedure, but makes it easier as well.

– Low flow toilets

This Low flow toilets were made to conserve water every time you flush. But it also means that not all wastes are effectively flushed away because of the low water pressure. As a result, the pipe gets blocked with halfway flushing, causing the overflow.

Toilet Overflowing Repair

Simple cases of blockage and overflows can be handled with a plunger or a drain snake. But more serious cases need attention of a professional plumber. And you would be wise to get one as soon as possible.

If you feel your overflow issue is an emergency, please call our 24 emergency line by clicking the call link!  Otherwise, feel free to contact us and schedule an estimate!

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