Toilet Installation

The toilet is an important part of your bathroom. Whether your bathroom and toilet is simple and functional, or expensive and luxurious. It still needs the right basics. Only a professionally trained, certified, expert plumber is well-equipped enough to carry out the job. While you will get DIY advice from all around. Why should you risk the framework of one of the most necessary and utilized parts of your household?

Get in touch with your nearest local plumbing agency and they will send authorized personnel to look after the matter. If it is a new installation, the cost and time taken will depend on how you want the toilet to be and how many additional adjustments need to be done. As a customer, the type of toilet is certainly up to your discretion.  Our Sam Jolley’s professionals can also go over options that suit your personal desires or needs (color, type, style, water conservation).  Feel free to contact us to begin your journey towards your new toilet- which can change your entire bathroom!

Types of toilets for installation

There are different types of toilets that one can choose from. The most commonly used one is the S-trap western toilet. Occasionally Anglo-Indian styles and squatting styles are also seen. Then again, there are distinctions among the western style toilets. Some of them come in one-piece. The flush attached with the bowl, while some others come with water efficiency features. There are separate sizes and styles for kids and the elderly as well.

Advanced research and development has brought out new styles of toilets. Like rimless, tornado and intelligent toilet options.

Cost for toilet installation

The type of toilet and the features that come along will decide the cost of toilet installation. The smart and intelligent toilet installations will obviously charge higher than usual ones. These come with automatic water temperature and pressure regulator. An electronic cleaning facility, and a variety of flushes. But if you do not want that many embellishments. Regular ones with the correct plumbing fittings will serve you just right.

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