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7 Signs You Need a Plumber for Your Garbage Disposal

plumber for garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal is an important part of your everyday life. It helps you dispose of food waste while keeping your sink and pipes clean. At the same time, a failing garbage disposal can seriously affect the way you cook, clean, and prepare food. Some garbage disposal problems require a basic repair, while others require a complete replacement. Regardless, it’s always crucial to tackle plumbing problems early on before they get worse and cause you more damage and higher costs.

Let’s look at 7 signs you need to call a plumber for garbage disposal service.

1. Your Garbage Disposal Isn’t Making Any Noise While Turned On

The easiest way to know your disposal is failing is if it isn’t making any noise when it is turned on. This may seem like a no-brainer, but this problem can also occur due to an electrical issue or tripped breaker. If the power is on, there is no tripped breaker, and the outlet is switched on, you should have no problem running your garbage disposal. But, if you switch it on and are met with the surprise of silence, it may be time to call your local plumber for service.

2. Your Garbage Disposal is Making Strange Noises While Turned On

If you’ve ever dropped something in your disposal that doesn’t belong - like a utensil or earring - you know just how loud and disruptive the sounds it produces can be. When a new noise comes from your disposal, it can be jarring. First, check and make sure nothing has fallen in your disposal. If everything is clear and it is still making a terrible noise, the appliance may be misaligned and in need of a professional adjustment.

3. There is a Persistent and Foul Odor Coming From Your Sink

Since your garbage disposal breaks down wet food, it’s normal to smell a yucky stench every now and again. These smells usually respond to a gentle rinsing or thorough cleaning. However, if you’ve noticed a persistent foul odor that doesn’t go away even after cleaning, you may need to call a plumber to have a look at your garbage disposal. It may have trapped food particles inside that are causing the bad smell, and a plumber can take your unit apart, replace any needed parts, and give it a proper cleaning.

4. You’ve Noticed Dripping or Leaking Under Your Sink

As your unit begins to age, it’s important that you regularly check for drips and leaks under the sink. If you notice dripping, a slow leak, or water pooling up under your disposal, you could have a problem with the hose or seal. There are many things that can cause your garbage disposal to start leaking. This is another instance when you should call a plumber to take a look at your garbage disposal.

5. Your Garbage Disposal is Draining Slowly

Clogs in your sink are frustrating, especially when you are cleaning up after a family dinner. And, you rely on your disposal to take care of the most basic clogs. But, when it starts draining more slowly, you should know that your appliance may be struggling with one of many problems. Drain cleaner can damage your pipes and cause corrosion (plus, it rarely actually takes care of the problem!), so slow draining should always be assessed by a professional plumber.

6. Your Disposal Needs Frequent Resets

All garbage disposals have a reset button. You may be aware of this if you have ever had to reset your disposal. Generally, you should only need to use the reset button to help the appliance recover from large clogs or objects. However, if you find yourself having to reset your disposal on a regular basis or every time you use it, it may be a sign that your disposal is reaching the end of its lifespan. Or, it could mean there is a problem with the electricity. Either way, a professional plumber can guide you in the right direction.

7. Poor Performance, Planned Renovation, or an Aging Garbage Disposal

You don’t have to wait for a complete unit failure to call a plumber to replace your garbage disposal. Most disposals have an average life expectancy of 10 years, so if yours is older than that, reaching its age and showing poor performance, or if you are planning to renovate your kitchen soon anyway, it’s a good idea to go ahead and have yours serviced. This can save you money and hassle in the long run.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service in Pompano Beach

If you notice any of the above-listed signs, you should consult with a Pompano Beach plumber about garbage disposal service. We’ll assess the problem, give you a free quote, and service your disposal the same day. Contact us today for trusted and reliable plumbing near you.

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