Shower Valve Repair

A shower valve problem is often not noticeable until it’s causing a big issue. Moreover, it is not something people worry about a lot. Without the shower valve functioning properly, the flow of water through the shower, the temperature, and the water pressure will not be consistent.  Since showering is not something you want to compromise, especially before or after a long day, it is suggested that you call your local plumber for shower valve repair.

Common types of shower valve

The shower valve usually stays hidden behind the tap handle, and occasionally installed inside the wall cavity. The most common type is a pressure balancing valve, just like any water tap. In some of the advanced designs, there might be thermostatic valves as well. Whatever be the type, if water is not coming out right of the faucet, there is something that is wrong and needs servicing by a professional plumbing person.

Usual signs of a defective shower valve

When the valve initially starts to malfunction, it does not give way immediately. People almost always think that the slight difference in the flow of water is cause by some minor problems like insufficient water or low water pressure. However, regular use of the shower wears out the valve and unless treated in time, it will lead to a complete stoppage of functioning.

– When water temperature changes by itself

– Haphazard and fluctuating water pressure

– Leaking shower faucet

– Sudden stoppage of flow of water while showering

Find plumbing assistance locally

If your shower shows any of the above mentioned signs, it would be wise to find the nearest plumber and get the problem fixed without delay.

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