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Oakland Park, FL

Expert Local Plumbing Service in Oakland Park FL

Since 1974, Sam Jolley's Plumbing has proudly served residents in Oakland Park, FL with quality plumbing service. Our local plumbers are experts in our trade, providing professional service with a friendly feel. We specialize in all things plumbing, from water heaters to water filtration products. Have a mysterious water leak, or need a toilet replaced? We can help with anything.

We invite you to read a few of our reviews below from clients in and around Oakland Park, FL. When you are ready to get started, connect with our team - we'll be happy to help!

Recent Jobs and Reviews in Oakland Park, FL

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Freddy M.
Freddy M. Checked in
Installed a tankless water heater for a residential customer. The outdated water heater was removed and the new Rheem system was carefully installed. Upon completion, the system was tested for proper performance. The new unit will help conserve energy in the home. The customer was pleased with the service.
Oakland Park, FL 33311
Freddy M.
Freddy M. Checked in
Installed a new electric water heater at a residential home. The old outdated system was removed before the new water heater was installed. Upon completion, I tested the system for performance and leaks. The water heater is working properly and will provide reliable hot water for the home. The customer was pleased with the service.
Oakland Park, FL 33311 Checked in
Return to install clean out, once pipe is exposed, remove the affected area and jet and clear out main line for more effective camera inspection. Customer has a misaligned pipe causing stoppages, customer also has cast iron piping which is showing signs of distress. Once we clean out the mainline we will determine if more action is required.
Oakland Park, FL 33309 Checked in
Camera inspection We will return to inspect sewer system due to stoppages causing water to show underneath the toilets when flushing. Customer will also need two toilets pulled inspected and reset. This estimate does not include flange repair. Customer will consider exchanging toilets from gravity fed to pressure assist toilets. After camera inspection customer is going to wait on determining whether or not to replace toilets. Customer has cast iron pipe that showing signs of distress. It appears to transition to pvc and it appears that the transition to pvc is damaged causing stoppages. We will install and Jett line to be able to see clearly and determine if more action is required. Customer gave a $400.00 deposit, from the deposit we charged 376.12 and credited $23.88 towards the our next job.
Oakland Park, FL 33309
Scott V.
Scott V. Checked in
Laundry line backed up. Gave estimate to clear the laundry line and replace old drain pipe. After clearing drain line, tested the laundry line by running the washing machine drain is working properly.
Oakland Park, FL 33309 Checked in
On arrival, I assessed the situation. The customer has an under mounted sink that was detached from the granite countertop Sam Jollys is not liable no responsible for any granite or countertop replacement, or mount systems installments for under mounted sinks
Oakland Park, FL 33334
He was polite, and appeared to be honest. I would definitely use him again.
Clarice - Oakland Park, FL 33309
Response from Sam Jolley's Plumbing:

Thank you for the review and your business Clarice! Checked in
Dishwasher washer working due to previous power outage and kitchen hot water line valve was semi closed. I open water valve and hot water was functioning. Also turned breaker on for dishwasher and and the dishwasher powered on and functioning as well. Looked around house to check rest of plumbing and everything was up to par. Customer paid 69$ service fee.
Oakland Park, FL 33309 Checked in
I noticed the toilet was rocking when I arrived I adjusted the toilet and installed leveling devices, and re-grouted the toilet. It appears the floor is uneven causing the toilet to not sit properly. Service call was waived.
Oakland Park, FL 33309
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