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How to Save Money on Your Plumbing in South Florida

save money on your plumbing

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of little expenses and hassles. While some things can be put off for years, plumbing issues need to be fixed right away. Let’s be real: your plumbing needs to work. When the toilet won’t flush, your shower is cold, or there’s water pooling somewhere it shouldn’t be, it’s a real mess. Plumbing problems cause water damage and headaches, and they’re also hard on your wallet. Even minor plumbing problems can increase your gas and water bills.

Like a lot of things in life, prevention is important when it comes to your plumbing system.  Not only does it save you the hassle of cleaning up a big mess, but it also lets you save a lot of money.

Keep reading for some simple things you can do to lower your water bill and save money on your plumbing in South Florida.

Check Your Water Meter

Your water meter shows how much water is being used by the appliances and fixtures in your home. It can be a great place to start when looking for money-wasting, damage-causing leaks in your plumbing. First, locate your water meter and visually inspect it for drips and leaks. Then, turn off all the water-using appliances in your home and watch the meter. If the number continues to climb, it could be a clue that there is an unseen leak somewhere in your plumbing lines.

Give Your Toilet Some Attention

You might not want to spend a lot of time thinking about your toilet, but it’s actually a pretty important part of your home’s plumbing system. If your toilet isn’t flushing properly--maybe it takes an extra flush or two to do the job--you might have a clog somewhere deep in the plumbing. A blockage that deep needs more than a plunger--it will require professional assistance. Give your friendly Pompano Beach plumber a call to save money on your plumbing in the long run.

Toilets can also be water-wasters. Leaky flapper valves can let more water into the toilet than needed, which can significantly increase your water bill. Inspect your toilets for leaks and flow issues. Or if you’re not feeling confident about what to look for, let a professional do an inspection.

Check For Drips

You’re unlikely to miss a big puddle of water in the basement, but some leaks aren’t quite so dramatic. Often, when there is a small crack or a loose valve, water doesn’t flow out. Instead, condensation will build-up. This creates a damp environment that allows mold and bacteria to flourish. Wasted water plus a moldy environment can cost you money, so you can save money on your plumbing by regularly checking for drips around your pipes. If you see wet patches or condensation around any of your appliances or pipes, call in the professionals.

Focus on Faucets

After choosing the right style to fit the room, most people don’t give their faucets much thought. Your faucets are an important part of your plumbing system because they control the amount of water that flows out. Old, outdated faucets are notorious water-wasters. All the extra water they gush will show up on your water bill.

Replacing old faucets with water-saving units can save water and save you money. For the most water-efficient models, look for the WaterSense label. These are certified to be the most eco-friendly models on the market that will help you save money on your plumbing. If you aren’t confident in your ability to replace a faucet, call a local plumber who can do the job. There’s no job too big or too small for a professional plumber in Pompano Beach.

Clean Your Drains

Your sink and shower drains are a prime spot for greasy clogs and buildup. Hair, food, soap, and grease can build up in your drains over time and lead to nasty clogs. When you have clogs in the sink or shower, your first instinct might be to reach for that store-bought drain cleaner. However, the corrosive ingredients they contain can cause damage to your plumbing and you could cause even bigger, more expensive problems later.

In addition to being careful not to pour cooking grease or oily bath products down the drain, pouring a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar down your drain once a month can help keep them clear. If you do get a clog, resist the urge to grab the chemical drain cleaner and call your plumber instead.

Replace Your Water Heater

Water heaters are hardworking appliances, and when they aren’t performing well, you’ll notice it. It’s important to inspect your water heater regularly for leaks or rust buildup. Nobody likes a cold shower--but no one likes massive gas and water bills, either. Older water heaters heat large amounts of water and keep them hot so the water is ready when you need it. The gas and water wasted to perform this task can really add up.

If your water heater is taking too long to heat or is more than 10 years old, consider replacing it with an energy-efficient model to save money. These modern units heat water as needed instead of keeping large amounts of water hot around the clock. You won’t notice a difference when you’re washing dishes or showering, but you will notice when you open your water and gas bill. If you’re unable to replace your water heater, have it drained every six months to avoid a buildup of impurities that can affect its performance.

Save Money on Your Plumbing With Sam Jolley’s Plumbing in Pompano Beach

Your plumbing is important to the health and happiness of your family. There is no problem too big or too small for the friendly professionals at Sam Jolley Plumbing. We do good work at affordable prices because we know how important your plumbing is. When you encounter a leak, clog, or have a bigger problem, pick up the phone and give us a call.

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