Replace Shower Valves

While a faulty shower valve can be easily repaired, sometimes its better to replace rather than repair. In either case, you will need a professional plumber. Like the pros here at Sam Jolley to do it for you.

Reasons to get your shower valve replaced

– When the valve fails to balance the pressure of water flow anymore, it’s time to toss the old valve and get a new one! Depending on the plumbing work of your bathroom. A faulty shower valve not only affects the water flow of your shower, but of other connected taps and sinks as well.  It can cause an erratic sink along with the shower!

– Erratic water temperature can also mean you need to get a new valve. One of its jobs is to keep the hot and cold water separated and mix them as per the users instruction. But a faulty shower valve defects when the shower is turned on. And there is no stability in either the temperature or the pressure of the water flow. You might have set the shower to lukewarm. And the next thing you know you could suddenly be showering in scalding hot or ice cold water like the flick of a switch!

– Leaking from the handle is the third sign that your valve needs replacement. While it looks like only a little bit of water dripping out. When it goes on for days, you eventually waste a lot of water and your bathroom floor and fittings will also keep on getting wet.

Cost of replacing shower valves

It is safe to assume that you had your shower valve installed more than a few years ago. Since technologies evolve every day. There might be better models that would suit your current needs or desires better. It has a wide range of valve and faucet designs to choose from. And there jet options, steaming features, as well as intelligent showering options.  These intelligent options include digitally regulated water flow for a better showering experience. The added benefits obviously cost more than the normal ones. But what will cost you the most is leaving a faulty shower valve broken without repairing and replacing it in a timely fashion

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