The Pot fillers are quite an exquisite addition to the kitchen. And a very convenient as well. They are special type of faucets installed right above where you cook. So that if you need a big amount of water for boiling or steaming, you will not have to carry around anything heavy for that. The water will be supplied right at your cooker through the pot filler.

Installation of the pot filler

On Installing pot filler in your kitchen is not a task that is easy-breezy. Since the pot filler is not a usual attachment. You might need to add the line to the plumbing system of your house. You will need professional help from a kitchen installation technician and plumber.

Different types of pot fillers

There are different types of pot fillers that you can choose from for your kitchen.

– Fixed pot filler is a simply a regular faucet mounted atop your cooker.

– Swing out pot fillers can be extended more or less up to 15 inches to different sides to fill up pitchers elsewhere and not only near the cooker.

– Double jointed pot fillers are longer than swing outs, and can be extended for up to 18 to 24 inches from the cooker

– Cooker islands are specially fitted pot fillers which have a separate island instead of the wall due to lack of space. They are costlier and take more time to install since the plumbing must be done beneath the floor or the kitchen cooktop.

Cost of installing pot fillers: Pot Filler Repairs

Pot fillers are in itself specialized fittings and hence more expensive than your usual sink and faucet. But it depends on the type you go for and also the material. Stainless steel is cheaper, while other materials like ceramic or granite have higher prices.

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