Outdoor Water Spigot Repair

An Outdoor water spigots usually take many years without any service, until that moment when water begins to drip from the handle, and you have make some repairs. The process of fixing it is more straightforward, as long as the sprout is not too corroded to take to bits.

Spigots usually have an essential compression valve that fastens the washer onto the valve seat when you turn the handle. You will notice some leaks when the washer around the handle wears out. To make an outdoor water spigot repair, you have to remove the packing nut.

How to Repair Your Outdoor Water Spigot

If you have just realized that your spigot is leaking, you may decide to make a minor repair like replacing the washer or having a complete repair of your valve. To perform an outdoor water spigot repairs use the following steps:

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