Outdoor Faucet Repair

Making an outdoor faucet repair is usually not a priority for most homeowner ’s, because the water problem is outdoor. Without an inspection, it takes a short period for a small hole to waste thousands of gallons of water.

Another significant challenge you may notice on outdoor facets are leaks coming from the point you switch on your water. It is simple to fix these issues by tightening the packing nut at the handle. If the faucet continues to leak after fastening the bolt, you should consider an outdoor faucet repair. The following two steps will be significant;

Turn Off the Water Supply

It is the first step in achieving your outdoor faucet repair unless you are ready to face a good challenge. Secondly, you will need a wrench, because in every outdoor faucet there is a large nut below the turnkey. Loosen up the bolt, and if you check the inside, you will find a threaded bolt holding the inner housing from the outside.

Turn your key to loosen it, and after removing it, you will notice a washer at the end. In most cases, the washer is your villain, and it may be causing the faucet to drool all over the place. It does this if it is rotten and fray.

Replace It All

You have just realized what causes the wastage of water in your backyard. It’s now time to act. Washers have various designs; one may have a beveled shaped or flat. It depends on your choice and preference. For flat washers, when you take it off, you will find a screw holding it on. When making the replacement, use super glue to fix and ensure that the washer does not fall into the faucet and cause more problems. You can now go, turn the water back, and your backyard will be happy to receive some water.

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