Leaking Showers

A shower a day keeps the grime away – we all know this and teach it to our kids. But there is another thing about showers that we need to remember. A check a week keeps away the leak. The shower being something we use every day and sometimes more than twice or thrice if you have a family. It is obvious that the shower tap, faucet and valves go through regular wear and tear. Leaking shower is not an uncommon occurrence at all.

But we do need to keep an eye out for when it happens, so that we are not late to call in the plumber. A leak is a sign that your shower is either too old and need to be replaced. Or there is some imminent defect about it that needs fixing immediately.

Different types of shower faucets

Disc, cartridge and ball faucets are the most common types of shower faucets and each of them have separate reasons why they leak. While the discs are affected by sediment build-up. Both cartridge and ball faucets leak when the O-rings inside the valve gives up.

Common reasons behind leaking showers: Leaking Showers Repair service

There can be several reasons behind leaking showers.

– Worn out or poor quality or wrongly installed washers are one of the main reasons why showers leak. No worries, as one call to your plumber will help you fix the problem.

– Loose screws in the joint where the faucet meets the pipe. Or at the base of the handle can leave gaps in the device, causing water to leak out through them.

Fixing leaking showers

As soon as you notice a leak in your shower, get in touch with the local bathroom furnishing and plumbing agency. Their trained professional personnel are your best bet to fix the problem at minimum cost and effort.

Getting Help is Easy