Every home owner should be aware of the damage leaking pipes can cost. No matter how much you invest in your pipes. There can and will always be a time when they start leaking. If you consider this a minute trouble initially, it will soon become a big one and that will be a problem for you and your household. You will not only lose lots of water every day. But soon your home’s plumbing might get compromised. The solution is to call a plumber for leaking pipes repair. As soon as you notice something is wrong, and prevent any further damage to your household.

Common reasons for pipe leakage

– Excessive water pressure is not very good for the pipes. It might feel good to have the powerful force of water while showering or to have the bath tub fill up much quicker. But higher the force, more abrasive it is to the inner lining of your pipes, leading to quicker damage.

– Corrosion over time is a very common cause for pipe leakage, especially if the plumbing was done more than decades ago. The materials used back then were not as advanced as today and thus less resistant to prolonged usage of water. Corrosion leads to rust; rusting leads to weaker resistance of the pipes and eventually form holes in them.

– Damage in the joint areas or improper sealing easily gives way to water leakage. Joints are the places where different separate segments of the pipeline are connected. If the connection between two segments malfunction, or give away under water pressure, there will be considerable water leakage.

– Accidental cracks and holes in the pipeline can be caused because of improper plumbing. Or interference by any external force like roots of trees along the walls or chemical usage.

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