Nearly all food service businesses require an ice machine.  By keeping your supply of ice fresh and clean, you are protecting the health and satisfaction of your customers. When you are purchasing an ice machine for your business, choose one that will make your preferred style of ice and maintain the commodity cool.

Types of Commercial Ice Makers

If you run a restaurant that serves food and drinks, you will require commercial ice machines. There are various types and categories of machines you can choose from.  Here at Sam Jolley we can help you assess your personal needs and come to the best suited conclusion for your business!  Give us a call or schedule an estimate to start going over your commercial needs with a specialist today!  Listed below we have some common types so that you can start considering your options:

Sam Jolley’s Services: Modular Ice Machines

Modular ice machine is not your standard ice machine; it only makes ice, and but DOES NOT keep it cool.  Once the ice is made you will have to look for a cold storage space for your ice.  They produce large ice cubes and are usually appropriately designed to be attachable to a storage bin for the ice.

Self-Contained Ice Machines: Ice Machines Repair Service

The Self-contained machines are comprised of both the storage unit and the icemaker. They produce medium-sized ice compared to modular ice machines. They are built to have both the countertop configurations and under counter arrangements to make it easy to fit into tighter spaces. They typically produce fewer quantities of ice compared to modular ice machines.

Types of Ice

Understanding the various types of ice cubes produced by a commercial ice machine will help you in choosing the right varieties for your business. Specific types of ice cubes tend to be easier to chew, melt quickly and have particular shapes for various applications. The following are the list of the types of ice.

Flake Ice

They are mainly used in ice displays for salads, meats or blended drinks. Unlike cube ice, flake ice ate are softer and smoother to chew.

Cube Ice

It is the most common type of ice used for commercial purposes because it melts slower unlike other forms of ice. With ice cubes in your business, you will save lots of money, due to a reduction in such consumption.

Crushed Ice

This Crushed ice looks nice but does take a large amount to chill a drink.  Crushed ice melts quickly and can sometimes fuse together to create an ice clump in a drink.  Crushed ice is very nice for other applications such as a flavored snow cone.

Cylindrical Ice

These are cylindrical in shape with holes in the middle!  These types of cubes are good for crunching on (even though we shouldn’t chew ice).

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