Fiberglass Shower Repair

Fiberglass shower and bathtub are quite a comfortable and inexpensively luxurious fitting for your bathroom. They look really nice, are very convenient to use, and at the same time- do not cost much to purchase, install, and maintain. But a few years down the line, problems will inevitably start to show up.  The fiberglass shower and tub will lose its initial shine and gleam due to usage. It will show yellow water stains, rust, issues with water drainage, and leaking may also be apparent.

Common causes for defective fiberglass bath shower

Passage of time and usual wear and tear is always a common cause for imminent defect. But other than that, there can be other reasons why your fiberglass shower tub is causing troubles.

– Improper installation

Fiberglass is a flexible material and is malleable enough to be distorted under heavy pressure. So the shower and the tub needs very accurate measurements and installation to make sure that it does not sustain too many cracks and chips over time. You need a plumber with adequate experience and expertise for the job like those here at Sam Jolley!

– Heavy impact

When you use a bath shower, you obviously have different bottles and containers of utility products like shampoos, soaps, conditioners and so on. If these bottles are heavy and they fall from a height, fiberglass might crack. Same applies with any metallic tools such as a detachable hand-held shower head. Be careful, and if you see any cracks occur after something has been dropped, be sure call the plumber before you end up with a leaking issue.

–  Hard water

This Hard water leaves heavy yellow stains over and above ripping the fiberglass off its original shine.

Fixing a fiberglass shower

From over-sedimentation to fixing cracks to sealing leaks – your nearest local plumber is your one stop solution for all fiberglass shower repair.

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