A leaky faucet is not only a problem for the household, but also adds up to the water bill, all the while wasting the water you are paying for. If this is let to grow it can take worse shapes. Every homeowner should be able to spot signs of leaky or faulty faucet at the first chance and get a professional plumber for faucet repairs as soon as possible.

Common causes for faulty faucets

– Problem in the O-ring is a common cause of your faucet causing problems. O-ring is the small disc attached to the stem screw, which holds the handle of the faucet in its place. If the O-ring becomes loose over years of usage, or wears out because of regular depreciation, then water can drip near the handle base of the faucet.

– Worn out or broken washer is another very probable cause of faulty faucet. The washer is forced against the valve seat and is subject to constant friction. It can wear out the washer after prolonged usage, and eventually lead to either leaks or blockage of water flow. This can be solved by replacing the washer, but is better done by a professional.

– The valve seat is the part which connects the faucet with the spout in the compression mechanism of water flow. Hence, water deposits easily form on the valve seat and that can eventually soften its resistance. This can be prevented by regular cleaning of the valve seat by a plumber.

Find local solution for faucet repairs

You will easily find a local plumbing service agency to fix all your problems with water pipes, drainage and faucets. Faulty faucets are not really an uncommon problem. So if you spot a problem, it will be wise to get it to be fixed immediately.

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