Our households usually have more Clogged Drains than we can count for. Every appliance that uses water or produces wastewater should ideally have drainage attached to it. And over time, these drains need cleaning and servicing, for obvious reasons. While the simpler ones like kitchen or bathroom sinks can be cleaned by you with a little bit of effort, others might not be so simple. For that, you need to call professional drain cleaning services and appoint them for a day-long procedure of drain cleaning in your house.

Drain cleaning services include

– Cleaning sink trap and pop-up drain thoroughly

– Toilet drain cleaning, U-trap cleaning, and getting rid of hard water residue

– Cleaning out shower and bathing tub

– Unblocking and complete cleaning and servicing of garbage disposals and attached dishwasher, if any

– cleaning exterior sewer line attached to your house through the accessible outlet

– draining out the dirt and sediments from all other exterior drainage lines

 Common problems that need regular drain cleaning

Although we do not usually pay much attention to what goes on inside the drains as long as our bathrooms, kitchens, and appliances stay clean. But doing that will eventually lead to bigger problems and repairing them will incur higher costs.

– Clogged drains lead to water stagnation. If the drains are not regularly cleaned, soon the deposits will pile up so much that it will constrict the outflow of water and soon water will start to stand. This can be a really bad problem, especially in the bathroom.

– It will also cause harm to the drainage pipes, and if left for long without fixing, the material of the pipes might give away.

– No drainage cleaning also leads to bad smell and overall bad hygiene in the household.

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