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A Hurricane Preparedness Checklist: Your Plumbing Before and After The Storm

prepare plumbing before hurricane

As the beginning of South Florida’s hurricane season gets closer, the time to prepare your plumbing for a hurricane starts to run out. Certain storm preparations - such as perishable food and water supply - may be able to wait for a week before the storm. Repairs and maintenance that have to deal with the infrastructure on your home, however, are another story. Rather than waiting until the last minute to call your Pompano Beach plumber, take the steps to prepare your plumbing for a hurricane sooner rather than later.

Now, you may be thinking, “Plumbing? Do I really need to prepare my plumbing before a hurricane?” It’s true that many people fail to think about their home’s plumbing before a natural disaster, but preventative maintenance and repairs can help protect your property, your belongings, and most importantly, the people you hold dear. To help you and your family stay safe and prevent bank-breaking repairs in the future, here are 5 things our certified plumbers believe you should do to prepare your plumbing before a major storm - and what you should look for after.

How to Prepare Your Residential Plumbing for a Hurricane

At Sam Jolley’s Plumbing, we’re not only here to help you fix your existing plumbing system. We’re also here to educate you on how to best maintain your home’s plumbing to save you money. Here are 5 tips from our plumbers to help prepare your home for hurricane season.

1. Inspect Your Property for Tree Roots

Tree roots may wrap around your piping and cause corrosion. And, if a tree happens to fall during a hurricane, it can cause a lot of damage to the plumbing under your home. Be sure to inspect your property for tree roots and have them removed, if needed.

2. Clear Out Leaves, Debris, and Drain Obstructions From Gutters and Drains

You should be sure to clean up any leaves, branches, dirt, debris, and other obstructions from your gutters, drains, and catch basin. You should also clean up the debris in the surrounding areas. Debris can cause a clog which will make your plumbing system back up. Your drains need to drain rainwater properly during a storm.

3. Make Sure Your Sump Pump is Working Correctly

In addition to checking your drains and gutters for debris, you should also inspect your sump pump. A sump pump will begin pumping automatically when exposed to a lot of water. This should be draining properly before a hurricane.

4. Full Your Bathtubs and Sinks With Water Before a Hurricane

In the hours before a hurricane is supposed to hit, be sure to fill your bathtubs and sinks with water. If your water or plumbing fails during the hurricane, you can use this water to flush toilets, brush your teeth, bathe, clean dishes, wash your hands, and more.

5. Turn Off Your Main Water Valve and Your Hot Water Heater

Right before the storm hits you should switch off your water valve and hot water heater. Turning off your water valve will stop contaminated water from entering your home’s plumbing. Turning off your hot water heater, on the other hand, will prevent it from turning on when the water is off. Also, the water in your hot water heater can be used as needed during an emergency if the tank is switched off.

Caring For Your Home’s Plumbing After a Hurricane

Once the storm is passed and you and your loved ones are safe, you may begin to notice damage in and around your home. While a thorough home inspection may not be your ideal chore after being cooped up in your home for several days, it is necessary to keep your home safe and functional. Even if you don’t see any damage, don’t always assume that means everything is OK.

After it is safe to go outside, you should once again clear the debris from your downspouts, gutters, and drains. In the meantime, you can inspect your plumbing system to be sure there aren’t any leaks, cracks, or discolored water. Lastly, be sure to check with local officials before you turn your water valve back on. Turning it on too early can cause contaminated water to enter your home.

If you have taken steps to prepare your plumbing before a hurricane, we hope everything stays functioning. However, if you notice any of the following problems when you turn your water back on, you should call one of our Pompano Beach plumbers immediately.

  • Bubbles indicate trapped air in the pipeline. A licensed plumber can help you determine if it is caused by a broken pipe or a clog.
  • Sewage backup can be caused by a broken or clogged underground pipe. Sewage can be dangerous and is considered a plumbing emergency.
  • Clogged drains may mean debris build-up within your pipes. A plumber can help you clear this debris out.

Prepare Your Plumbing Before The 2021 Hurricane Season

You still have a lot of time before the 2021 hurricane season strikes to prepare your home’s plumbing system. At Sam Jolley’s Plumbing, or licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers can help make sure your plumbing is in top condition before the storm season rolls in. To learn more about our residential plumbing services or to hire a Pompano Beach plumber, give us a call today.

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