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7 Times You Should Call an Emergency Plumber

emergency plumber in Pompano Beach

Your home’s plumbing is a necessary piece of your home’s infrastructure. When working properly, it isn’t something you think about on a day-to-day basis. And, when a plumbing issue develops, it isn’t always easy to know whether or not you need to call an emergency plumber. Of course, some situations are more serious than others - like flooding in your bathroom or a burst hot water heater - but other situations can be tricky. That’s why we’ve outlined 7 times you should call an emergency plumber in Pompano Beach.

1. Flooding

Flooding can happen in your home for several different reasons. In most cases, flooding is the result of a clogged sink, stopped-up toilet, or burst pipe. Flooding is one of the direst plumbing emergencies because it can cause a lot of devastating damage to your home’s structure, flooring, carpet, furniture, insulation, and more. It can also cause your electrical system to short out or cause mold to grow. If you avoid calling an emergency plumber to fix the problem for you, you will allow your home to sustain more damage. If your home is flooding - no matter how quickly - you should have a 24/7 plumber come to check it out immediately.

2. Sewage Backup

Unpleasant smells inside the home are never fun to deal with. And, if you smell something bad coming from your sump pump, septic tank, or faucet, the smell may be coming from backed-up sewage in your plumbing system. Unfortunately, if your sewage is backed up, you won’t be able to safely use your toilet, shower, or sinks until the problem is resolved. Sewage can be toxic and difficult to deal with, so you should never attempt to make these fixes alone. Sewage can also be hazardous to your health, so it is vital to call an emergency plumber in Pompano Beach the second you smell sewage in your home.

3. Burst or Leaking Pipe

Burst or leaking pipes are the most common cause of in-home flooding. However, not all pipe bursts cause a flood. If you notice that a pipe has burst or has a leak, you should switch off the water in your home at the main shut-off valve and call an emergency plumber right away. Doing this can prevent your home from sustaining permanent damage.

4. No Running Water

When you don’t have access to running water, you are unable to use many of the appliances in your home. You may be unable to shower, eat, clean, and use the restroom. If your neighbors have water and you don’t, there is certainly an issue with your home’s plumbing. Sewage could be backed up or there could be a clog in one of your pipes. A lack of running water is a tell-tale sign that you shouldn’t wait - you should call an emergency plumber.

5. Toilet Overflow

Many clogged toilets can be fixed at home in your own time, however, a toilet that is overflowing is an emergency. This situation can get very messy very quickly, especially if you try to tackle the issue on your own. And, the toilet water may be contaminated, posing a significant risk to your health. Oftentimes, an overflowing toilet is the result of a more significant plumbing issue that you can’t see. If your toilet starts to overflow, you should immediately switch the water off to the toilet and contact an emergency plumber in your area.

6. Broken or Leaking Hot Water Heater

The moment you notice a leak or break in your hot water heater, you should know that you may have a plumbing emergency on your hands. If the drip pan under the heater is full, you should shut off your water line and contact a 24/7 plumber immediately. If too much water builds up in your heater and it bursts, you could end up with a massive mess on your hands and widespread damage. This is an emergency that shouldn’t wait until tomorrow.

7. Clogged Drain

When a drain clogs up in your home, it can be tempting to pour Drain-O down the drain or tackle it with a plunger. While these methods may be effective, they may only unclog your drain temporarily. Weeks later, you may notice your drain clogs up again. If this happens, your drain is probably backing up for reasons which you cannot see, leading to a serious plumbing problem. So, if you have a clogged drain, it is in your best interest to call an emergency plumber in Pompano Beach.

Contact a 24/7 Emergency Plumber in Pompano Beach Today

The best things you can do in an emergency are to shut off the water to your home and call a professional. It’s normal to panic when an emergency strikes, but panicking won’t get you very far. Instead, one of our licensed, bonded, and insured emergency plumbers in Pompano Beach can worry about the hard part for you.

As a 24/7 plumbing service, we’re here to help you at any time of the day with all of your residential plumbing needs. Whether you simply need to get to know a local plumber to have on speed dial or you have an emergency on your hands, give us a call today.

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